I am now working for a 3d printing company
and I have a good knowledge and experience to
implement and adapt the models for 3D printing.

I take care of the realization of the model
based on the concept of customers.
using blender and rhino 3d.

I realized models
provided, suitable for printing.
So made 3d model manifold and watertight
mainly in blender which is great
to manage the points and the control
of the critical parts of the mesh and export
in STL.

Now I take care even of the Gcode of the models
with Slicer, Cura, Repetier
to realize the prototypes with the
3d printer.

I have realized a myriad of projects
and I can follow the project from concept
on a piece of paper to the realized

Anyone interested in creating a
real physical object from its own
idea or a model in CG can
contact me by e-mail.