My 3d models are made in blender.
They can be imported into commercial software
like maya, 3ds max and keep the same level of
detail, the uv and texture.
Models can be exported to
game engine like ue4 and unity.
I can export their skeleton,
the animation, which I can realize,
uv and materials.

I know the process to export,
my characters in ue4 through fbx,
as skeletal mesh, and then the various
animations needed for the game.

I know ue4 well enough and I can
test the model and the animations
setting the required blueprints
to create a playable demo with
the model as a playable character.

The hairs of my models are made
through particles hair, but I can convert
the hairstyles faithfully in
polygonal hairs and textured them through
alpha maps and strands texture, fit
to be rendered to any
game engine.

If you need 3d models and animation for yours
video games, I can do them
of the quality visible on my site.

My models are not broken
the link with the armature and then
sculpted and detailed, but armature
is always active and the models
always animable,
with that level of detail possible
through an active multires
through which you can also choose
the level of detail needed.

I can do any of yours
model, even fantasy, more richly dressed,
or with hard surface as mech.
If you want a good model in quick time
please contact me