My 3d models are made entirely in Blender.
I can provide and adapt to the most common formats 3d.
I am also available to create someone on request
or to modify existing ones.
If anyone is interested in my 3d works
can contact me.


If you're not comfortable with blender,
I can adapt the model to
software like 3ds max or maya
through export to FBX.
I know software like 3ds
Max and Maya and I can make
the character ready
for the animation and rendering
in these programs.
I can realize the rig,
I get fine with Humaink
and I know rendering engines as
Arnold and I can create appropriate
shaders for rendering.
I also know Mudbox and Zbrush
and I can detail the model
in its smallest anatomical details
and export the relative maps
normal, displacement and also of
vector displacement for the
render in Arnold.
I also know Xgen which is great
to achieve realistic and rich
hairstyles and Yeti that is great
for dynamic simulation.

So I use blender and
I believe that is a program
complete and very artistic
and with it is possible to realize
any project also professional.
Really... I think is the BEST software 3d...
but if you are not convinced
in the opensource tools
I can create a complete model
starting from a concept in Blender
in the commercial program
you want.